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Welcome Fellow Metal Detecting Enthusiast!

Treasure hunting finds like old coins, civil war relics, jewelry, are but some examples of metal detector finds that are being found today. Treasure hunting can be a fun for young and old alike but, "WARNING" it can be very addictive. The first time you find an old coin with your metal detector or hold a piece of long lost civil war history in your hand, you'll be hooked. You will most likely never become rich from the hobby. But, if you consider the hours of enjoyment, fresh air, healthy exercise and small treasures you find with your metal detector find as payment, you'll be compensated well for your time and your new metal detector will most likely pay for its self the first year you own it with the finds you make. Now, what other hobbies can say that!!

My name is Jim Crain and I have 30 years of involvement with all aspects of metal detecting and treasure hunting. I retired from United States Marine Corp, and started Golden Road Metal Detectors to turn my passion for treasure hunting into my profession.

I started this site to provide my friends and myself a place to post our metal detecting finds and a way to provide us some “bragging rights”. I have heard too many times the saying the “all the good stuff has already been found”. I will admit that it’s getting harder to find the “undetected” sites but, I’m still amazed at the quantity and quality of the metal detecting finds still being made today. Here you will find pictures. descriptions and stories about metal detecting and metal detecting finds. You will also see tips and tricks to increase the quantity and quality of your metal detecting finds as well as some good information on how to do research and find those un-detected treasure hunting sites.

I own and operate GoldenRoadDetectors.Com, a multi-line metal detector dealership operating out of Warrensburg, MO. This site was built to provide you good usable information. It is not the purpose of this site to sell you anything here. If you are in the market for a new metal detector or if you’re in need of some accessories, I would invite you to visit my store by just clicking on the GoldenRoadDetectors.Com lbelow.

If you have some interesting metal detecting finds you’d like to tell us about, please send me an email with a short description and a couple of pictures. Also please tell me a little about yourself like how long you’ve been detecting and what kind of detectors you are using or have used.
I hope you enjoy your visit and please stop by often as the site will be update whenever we have something worth posting and bragging about.

Jim Crain
Golden Road Metal Detectors