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John from California sent me these pictures of some of his nugget finds this year. With the price of gold hovering around $1200/Oz, if you know what your doing and with just a little luck, it dosn't take long for you to pay for a very good gold detector. "Warning", gold prospecting is an art that takes considerable knowledge and the willingness to work hard for what you find. If however, you are willing to put in the time to learn your art and work hard at it, John is living proof that the gold is still out there waiting to be found.

Name:    John
Location:  California
Detectors Used:   Minelab GPX 5000


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Russ and Becky are hunting buddies of mine. We were detecting an old 1800’s house site that was a Union camp during the civil war. This site has honestly been hunted by me and others for over 15 years. This is a very small site and over the years has produced many nice finds. Working with their new Garrett AT Pro, the site again proved that no site is ever detected out. Some of their finds included: Nice solid shot cannon ball, Heart buckle (pulled from another site), Eagle Standard Service and Eagle “C” Calvary and Eagle “I” cuff buttons. Last great find of the day was Russ’s Jeff Davis hat pin.  

Name:    Russ & Becky
Location:  Mid-Missouri
Detectors Used:   Garrett AT Pro 


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Ok, I was feeling all proud about my US buckle today so, what does a customer (friend) of mine from Grain Valley find yesterday? A 1851 $2.50 gold coin and an 1862 Silver 3 cent coin... Great find Forrest!!!
Ps... 35+years detecting and still looking for my first gold coin. Jim

Name:    Forrest
Location:  Mid-Missouri
Detector Used:   Garrett AT Pro


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Our friends up in Canada have a shorter detecting season than some of us and they make the most of what time they have. Here are some of Stephans finds. This is only a small sample of the pictures he sent me. I'll post more next time. With all the gold jewerly he has found I'll bet he has already more than paid for his metal detector a few times over...  Jim

Name:   Stephan
Location:  Canada

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One of the Great things about our hobby is that there is always the next "First" to find. First silver coin, first gold ring, first gold coin (36 years and I'm still looking for mine). This is a picture of Dons first civil war relic and it's a good one. A Union Civil War Eagle "I" Cuff Button. Don's still getting to know his new Garrett AT Pro so, I'm sure more great finds are in his future. Great find Don!!
Name:    Don
Location:  Mid-Missouri
Detector Used:   Garrett AT Pro



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Had to run into Kansas City this morning to take my hunting partner (Dad) in for a checkup. Checkup went well and that let the afternoon open for...yep you guessed it Dirt Fishing. The temp and humidity made it just about unbearable out on the fields so it was a short hunt but by Great Leaping Leprechauns it was worth it. 10K, 14K, and 925 were the flavors of the day and yes a Happy Dance ensued.

Name: Russell, MSgt (Ret) USAF
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Detector Used: Garrett AT Pro


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 Jim this is my finds a woman's diamond ring last Saturday on the beach of California using the minelab sovereign xs pro with the sunray coil. Also, here are some of my finds from different park's of California, using my minelab E-Trac this is the jewelry that I found anchor gold pendant 14k, mari gold pendant 14k, wide gold men's ring 14k, white gold small diamond lady's ring, men's gold nuggets ring 14k, woman wedding ring 10k, fred

Name: Fred
Losction: So. California
Detector Used: Minelab Sovereign w/ Sun Ray Intruder 8" Coil
  Minelab E-Trac

 Metal Detecting Finds

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Jim, here's a few finds I made last Saturday at a well detected site close to my house. I thought you might like to post them. I've been metal detecting for 5 years now (mostly civil war stuff). I detected all day and found a couple of small buckles, two flat buttons, a broken spur and a shoe tap and a 1865 2 cent piece. The object next to the new quarter is a fired 69 cal miniball. You can see why there were so many deaths and amputations during the civil war, that thing is "huge". The 2 cent piece is in bad shape but, it's the first 2 cent piece I've ever dug.

Good luck and HH
Name: Joe B
Location Virginia
Detector Used: Teknetic Omega 8000

 Metal Detecting Finds

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Jim, thanks for the tip about using the platt maps! I bought my detector from you about a year ago and I've found a lot a things, just nothing very old. I found some maps at the county historical society, they were dated 1901. Anyway, I found an area were a old house use to be and now is a vacant lot. I got permission to detect and found my first 1800's coins. The nickel's are 1898 and 1903 and the Indian head pennies are 1867,1891 and 1903. The large token is for a free bar of soap and it's from Chicago. Sorry the picture are poor, Mom's camera is the not very good.

Thanks again for all your help!

Name: Paul T
Location: Illinois
Metal Detector Used: Tesoro Compadre

 Metal Detecting Finds

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Had a bit of luck yesterday while hunting an older lawn. House built 1920's. I was using my Teknetics Delta 4000, Discrimination set at 40, Sensitivity at 8 (basically the same stock settings that come on when you first turn on the machine)... only difference was I set the volume at 10 (out of 10).

The detecting started out poorly, just a few Memorials and a 32 cal.? bullet (surface find). No I don't think the lead bullet is old - not too many Civil War battles occurred in this part of lower NY :).

Finally I got a good dime signal at 3 inches and pulled out a 1944D Merc (1st silver of the year)! Relieved that my luck was changing I continued the hunt. Several minutes later I got another good signal, this time in the quarter range and 4 inches deep.

Pinpointing the target, I was drawn away by a stronger signal about 4 inches away from the quarter signal. It read a strong 56-57 at 3 inches. I decided to check that out first and pulled out a 1943 silver war nickel! I happily went back to the quarter signal and dug a plug about the size of a baseball. Flipping over the plug I found nothing, so I dug a bit deeper, carefully being sure not to scratch what could be a silver quarter.

You can imagine my surprise when my pro pointer beeped like crazy and I saw two silver coins. After I removed two quarters and checked the hole again it was still beeping. Another silver quarter AND a wheatie! I then checked the hole again and discovered a 1952 Rosie! Perhaps I discovered an the American version of a 52,000 coin hoard? Nope... that was it for this one.

Lastly I found a very tiny gold plated girls ring with a teeny tiny chip of a diamond (?). That gave a strong 54-56 signal at 2 inches. So it was fun.. I'm still learning my Delta's language.. so much trash in these lawns that I really HAVE to get the 5" DD coil! I'm sure I've been passing over plenty of good targets that all the trashy iron has been masking. HH MickTwin

Name: Robert
Location: Rye, New York
Metal Detector Used: Teknetics Delta 4000

Metal Detecting Finds


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Hi Jim,

Sorry I'm so late getting back to you but things here have been hetic. Well, the big dig was marred by rain and colds temps. I didn't go and found out that those that did found next to nothing.

On Sunday afternoon the rain stopped so I went detecting into the woods near my house to try out and get use to the new coil. The machine is working great. Found an old house or cabin beside an old road bed and spent some time hunting there. There was tons of old iron parts and pieces in the ground and was a good test site. My first good signal was a piece of a harmonica - a good sign. I ended up finding a couple of coins, 2 flat buttons, several brass jar lids (boy, they sound good), part of a lantern, and a bunch of old brass pieces. When I got home, after eating, I started going through my "junk'. One of the old coins turned out to be the center piece of a CS tongue!!! It was seperated from the rest of the buckle but very identifiable. Went detecting yesterday looking for the rest of the buckle. Was only there about three hours when my wife called and I had to quit - but I'll be back. I've attached pictures of the CS tongue and a little brass bottle? It looks like there is glass withing the brass. I've never seeen anything like it. Maybe you can tell me something about it.

I spent a couple more hours detecting in the same site yesterday. Didn't find any more of the buckle but did find a big heavy, soild silver pocket watch case. The hinges are gold. It's purdy :-)

Thanks for all the help getting the new coil, it works great, and the handle of the IIB is much easier on my wrist and elbows. I'm a happy digger now :-)

Name: Kenny
Location: Aylett, VA
Metal Detector Used: Nautilus IIB

  Metal Detecting Finds
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Here are a few pictures of my finds for several different spots in my area. I do want to tell you about my outing to an area that is known to have Civil War activity on it.
One Saturday afternoon I was hunting a corn field when I got a good signal showing “buckle” on the display, I tend to watch the numbers instead of the description on the display it showed 89-90. After digging down through the soft plowed layer and down through the “hardpan” about 15” total I was still getting the signal saying buckle. On a side note I usually don’t dig that deep in our area since it is so rocky here but in the field it had little or no rocks in it. With my next removal of dirt I started to see the
green patina showing up, to my surprise a US Buckle, I have never dug one before or something at that depth.
Name: Louis
Location: Central Missouri
Metal Detector Used: Whites MXT with Detech Excelerator coil

Web Masters Note:
02/01/2013 Louis sent us a few more pictures of his finds here in Central Missouri and I've posted them. Great finds there Louis! There are so many untouched sites here in our area. Makes me drool just thinking about what's out there waiting to be found.
  Metal Detecting Finds
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Jim here in Quincy we are snowed in and frozen and can't get out detecting, soon i hope. Here are some pictures of last year, my first year with a mine lab 5000. Lots of fun. Found one coin 1852 3 cent piece . I am a retird timber faller 68 years old and enjoying life to the utmost.
Name: John
Location: California
Used: Minelab GPX 5000
  Metal Detecting Finds
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First off, our find was not “really exciting” in the rare or odd department. But wow! I lost a gold wedding ring in our backyard about two years ago. My dad recently bought a Teknetic T2 (I think). I was in the yard with my two kids (2 and 4) and started getting all kinds of noise in a spot about 18”x18” about 2 inches deep. We dug out 87 pennies dating from early 60’s-2000. Like I said, not the most interesting but it was really exciting for me (my first time ever detecting) and my kids. They thought we were pirates on a treasure hunt!
Still no ring but I was doing yard work and may have dumped the ring in the woods with yard waste.
Name: Ben
Location: Missouri
Detector Used: Teknetics T2
Webmaster's Note:
Ben, that's what it's all about! The finds don't have to be big to be memorable. Glad your kids were there! That makes it extra special. You just built a memory that will stay with them for many years after we are long gone. Thanks for sharing , good luck and happy hunting..
Metal Detecting Finds
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Hi Jim Taos Here! I bought a Ace 250 from you just one day before the big snow storm hit. I could not use it for a month after that. I did get out and use it after it warmed up and the ground thawed out. You was right about this hobby it is addicting. I have found a few things, one gold welding band, 1906 Indian head penny, three wheat penny,s , old brass button, what I think is a silver peace of jewelry? small old buckle, a broken buckle that is brass with coating on it, one nice heavy brass bell, old hatchet head, lots of clad coins and a ton of trash/pop tabs. No Silver coins !
Any way I thought I would let you know how much I Enjoy the hobby.
Name: Taos
Location: Missouri
Detector Used: Garrett ACE 250 Click Any Picture To Enlarge
Web Masters Note:
Great finds Taos! Just goes to show you don't need a $1000+ metal detector to enjoy this great hobby and make good finds.
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